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Water: the Power to Heal our soul

Updated: Mar 9, 2019

“Life is water dancing to the tune of solids” Albert Szent-Gyorgyi.

Water is important to all lives, and 2/3 of our body is water. Water is the source of all life, water is the earth blood. Water cleanses, purifies, dilutes, and water keeps us moving while in stillness. In some parts of the world, bodies of water are respected as their spiritual site.

The Northern part of Brazil in specific Bahia, the ocean and the water goddess Yemanja are reverered and considered source of life. Yemanja is known as the mother of all orixas (light beings).

The water is the principal element reconnecting our materialized life (body) and spiritual world. We cannot be co-creators without accepting this fundamental phenomenon of nature. The spirit of life travels through all living things discharging energetic material which consequently gives life, sacredness, and whatever energies/potential it holds. All these, commonly takes place because of presence of water.

There are several resources supporting the divinity of water. Water is a natural resource with a unique value and consciousness. We can stare at a running water creek, ocean waves, and a fast moving river and immediately enter a state of serenity.

Water is also considered a source of power “the heart of all that is”.

Water is a source of divinity in many religious as evident in the Torah, bible, Hinduism, and Islam, as a symbol of purification, protection, and healing.

The Hindus believe the Ganges river to be a source of life and at the same time, the power needed to remove all impurities. Similarly, Jewish tradition on special occasions are call to cleanse their bodies spiritually with water. Muslins clean with water in an obligatory preparation for their daily prayer as well.

For the Roman Catholic/Christianity for example, water is blessed through ritual which than can be used to touch a person or a group of people with the intention to bless, purify, and be protected by the “Holy Water”.

Water must be respected as a source of life.

The necessity of this conversation, or “change of heart” is a must to transform this collective inner resistance we have to understand how important it is having and maintaining abundant source of water in our planet.

We need to have gratitude for having water and all that is provided to us through water. We need to reconcile/restore the wounded spots lacking abundant water, and commit to healing through actions which heals the lack of water.

The reconciliation flows from restoring our relationship with the source through gratitude for the gift of having available abundant water. This relationship/energetic exchange with water provides our spiritual energetic realm ways to co-create a healed Earth and acting in ways making this image of a healed Earth real. We must see the Source in all things and feel the Source transmission of love through the living water.

Water has the power to heal our souls.

Maybe one of the reasons why water is so soothing to us is because of the sound it transmits which mimics the rushing sound of water in our mother’s womb. Just like floating in a bathtub filled with warm water can give us the sensation of safety, protection, as if we are subconsciously returned into our mother’s womb.

Water as a living spirit in me expresses the feeling and calling to bring art. Love, music, and joy to this world. I am highly intuitive and I am lead by my intuition, just like the water moves unapologetic to the current and open flow, going where needs to go. The current or the way is represented by my emotions.

Water represents the power I have to self-help and to be in service to others to be emotionally healed. I am sensitive to energies around me, and just like water, I need my alone time and to go where I need to go and to flow freely.


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