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Our Body As A Playground for energy

Updated: Mar 10, 2019

Our body is the playground of consciousness and energy, just like cosmic body of creation is.

What is in the macrocosm, it is in the microcosm, there is no difference.

That’s the secret that the yogis wants to recognize. It’s like if we want to know the constitution of the entire ocean then study a spoon full of water! It’s good enough. If you want to know the entire Universe, then study your body as your body is like consciousness, then you know who you are, where you came from, and where you are going, and there you are like consciousness.

Mind cannot know nothing about it.

Mind only knows to be prepared to live in a society that is based on external world. Only knows to maintain the survival of the body and the survival of self image. Animals for example do not experience survival of the imagine but they live in the survival of the body.

The animal do not identify with their body, although there are female and male animals, they are not male or female in consciousness. They do not have the separation of subconscious in their creation, is the same for plant life, mineral life as part of their creation polarity, cosmic male and cosmic female, shiva and Shakti.

Our body is the field of manifested creation, shiva and Shakti, but animal don’t have the subconscious identification like we do as “I am male or I am female”. So animals are in the physical (hormones and organs) male and female but mentally they are not I am male and female. Animals, therefore, are so connected to cosmic prana. So they don’t have sex for entertainment or pleasure, or as a medium of addiction. They have sex when there is mating season, but they don’t have any attachment to the sensational or emotional aspect of mating.

It’s not connected to the mind it’s connected to the body.

Humans seek pleasure, animals do not seek pleasure.

Human beings are born with an animal body, human mind, and divine potential.

When a human mind is born, it gets separate from God yet, the potential is still available. Animals are born with oneness with creation. They don’t stop and think that they have to go meditate to connect with the creator. When we are born we go through separateness process from the Source within us and with yoga we return to the oneness with the Source.

Therefore, the tree of evolution has evolved from mineral life, to plant life, to tree, and the fruit is the ultimate creation from the seed in which the fruit comes. So the seed that gave birth to the tree show up again in the fruit.

Human beings represent the seed inside the fruit of the tree of creation, therefore, the Source is the cosmic I am, and the same I am reappears inside the fruit which came from the tree of creation. The Cosmic I am reappears again as I am in the evolutionary manifestation.

Humanity identify with their ego mind as I AM. The human evolutionary journey stops when the fruit appears in the tree formed and falls from the tree of creation going back to the root.

When we read the scripture and feel the prana, secrets are revealed everywhere we look, it’s an ongoing unfolding. Therefore everything we experience in our evolution, becomes a vehicle for secrets to be revealed. It becomes easier for the yogi return back to the roots.

Our roots are toxic when we are identifying with the past.

Past is a collection of:

  • happy and unhappy memories

  • ecstasies and agonies

  • pleasure and pain

  • what worked for you or didn’t work for you

  • what you like or you don’t like it

  • what you are attracted to or opposed to it.

There is nothing that is in your journey in this dimension that is only one side and that you are happy, happy, happy, and happy! It’s a wave of happy and unhappy, and so on. Why then we are worried about it?

Yogi’s revealed the secret that when I Am identifies with mind made sense self image.

So everything that had happen in the past, and didn’t complete the Gestalt, which we didn’t got the conclusion we were happy with, we didn’t felt whole and complete, for example, getting married then divorcing, had a successful business then business crashed.

All the opposing experiences, are incomplete experiences that lives in the memory and keeps coming back to the present trying to complete itself. Trying to find it’s self “how can I try to find the love” as if love can be found on somebody that will love you so much or something that you love so much, and you will stay lovingly. Whenever we found love outside it is bound to change, that’s a fact and a reality.

The reality is... only you are changeless!

The source of love within you is changeless. God is unified in state of oneness, so is the love, real love. Our sexual attraction makes we feel like that but it changes. And if it changes and we get addicted to the “love”we are getting from external, when we don’t accept the pain, anger, etc that comes at the end, then we are stuck with it.

This opposing experiences we have in the past is called 'reactive perceiver'... “One that lives in inner division" such as 'I like and I don’t like', 'I am attracted to and not attracted to', and 'I am afraid of _____', or 'this is for me or against me', these are all thoughts from past experiences.

So for people who lives bounded to form, time, and space are constantly looking for: who is out there for me? And we are looking into the memory who was for us in the past or who was against us in the past. It is not here, it’s not present, so we will never find it outside. We are seeing through the filter of reactive process of like and dislikes and trying to find outside.


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