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imaginal cells for transformation

God brings animal lives into our life because animals are always trying to tell you something, through their characteristic or certain quality that they may carry. They may have a very clear and powerful vision like an eagle which is also nurturing and loving. Some animals are family-oriented as they present themselves in a group including their offspring, like the monkeys that comes to visit me for food.

So whenever we interact with animals and observe how they live we can apply these same approaches to our lives or maybe it is a sign that we may need to develop those qualities within ourselves, or maybe it is just things we need to be aware of when we are able we able to just tune into it and get a sense of it.

It can be the same when we interact with people and with life circumstances. This is how God is communicating with my existence constantly, through my experiences, and giving me helpful hints through these animal guides, and the animal can be considered by me as an extension of the Divine Universe, as to me there is God within everything.

I am always very aware of certain animals that goes through some type of metamorphosis or evolution as they experience nature.

In our forest, there are plenty of tree frogs and I noticed how they go through a substantial metamorphosis. They start as this aquatic creature, and then they become a creature with limbs, and a creature that can climb trees, they can live in and out of the water, they have healing properties, very medicinal and so a frog represents a huge part of life because of the amazing processes a frog can experience.

But throughout all the observations I made and through all what I have read, there is not one better example as the butterflies. Here in the forest, it is an everyday thing for me to be circled by a butterfly or many butterflies, of all colors and all kinds. I take this as a great sign!

Butterflies have become very significant and they are a constant in my life. I hear people talking about them very much. I have friends relating to me their experience or the butterfly effect in their lives. And, it's amazing how when I receive gifts from others there is always a butterfly involved, it is now quite comical.

Recently while reading a book, I learned about imaginal cells. They are the cells that help a caterpillar becomes a butterfly.... what a great name imaginal cells!

Science can’t explain where they really come from, they just show up in the caterpillar system and from that point they start becoming a butterfly. The caterpillar's immune system recognizes that these cells are foreign material and it is taken in as some type of disease. The caterpillar's system starts to attack these imaginal cells. However, these imaginal cells are immune to the caterpillar system and it's immune system is not able to wipe them out.

As the caterpillar starts to become fat, as a great example…here is this warm-like creature that gorges itself, stuffs itself and completely consumes as fast as it can and then it starts to turn into liquid.

So now it is a liquid-like creature as a very bright green sticky liquid. Once that happens, the imaginal cells kick into action by using the nutrients in all this nasty sticky green matter that the caterpillar has stored up in their system as energy.

Then, the imaginal cells come together and create a BUTTERFLY! The imaginal cells consume the caterpillar, and the caterpillar consumes itself to become a butterfly.

What a great example of change and metamorphosis!

Most are aware right now that human beings are entering a state of evolution. The butterfly is an incredible example of what we need to go through for a physical transformation to take place on all levels Genetic transformation and spiritual transformation is extraordinary simple, but we resist every time.

There are parts of us that are stuck in remaining a caterpillar for a long period, and death is inevitable but this very pattern of resistance is a slow and consistent suicide. Think about it, the caterpillar doesn’t even know how much better it is to be a butterfly and it fights the whole process.

Change is around us and change is inside of us and it’s a set of switches that brings about a transformation affecting every single part of us especially our DNA. Within our human code, as well as within our spiritual bodies and spiritual systems, there are switches and things that needs to be activated and reactivated that brings about whole, luminous, gorgeous, colorful, unique, and authentic human beings.

New consciousness on this planet will be created when we, along with all these creatures, go through our own metamorphosis experiences.


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