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core values as your inner gps

Updated: Mar 9, 2019

Core values are essential to define the direction of our lives, it can be an inner GPS/direction/mapping in which we are driven to follow through on. Without core values or understanding of our own core that which generates love, joy and happiness...fulfillment cannot be experienced.

Core values do not stay the same, they can change as we move forward with our lives making

the changes necessary at times based on our experiences, and sometimes based on the need to follow through with our hearts desires.

Core values help us to design our lives aligning us with our true self.. 'the I am that I am'.

Love as a Core Value...

Love is meant to be free, therefore priceless and essential. Love is different than attachment.

When we hold someone so tight, it is an attachment not love. When in love with another, their

happiness and freedom are so important as our own happiness and freedom.

We are all traveling in time together and just like a river that doesn't stop moving forward, love is the same, it must move in a continuous flow. It can’t be trapped/contained and it must be free. Love makes us all rich even when we don't have money available; therefore, people who have money but lack love in their lives, are poor.

Enough-ness as a Core Value

Feeling, being, and having enough... it is difficult to describe how we sometimes have a goal

which caused so much excitement about achieving that goal and when we finally reach the goal, the excitement feeling lasts for about five minutes or sometimes even less.

Can we feel enough, even after the short duration of the excitement or am I going to constantly be seeking more goals to achieve?

If we go even deeper to this phenomenon and look into the long term aspects/benefits of achieving that particular goal, could I had made it without achieving that goal?

Could I still feel enough after 5, 10, 15 years after achieving this goal?

What we notice a lot of times is that the goal had little or no relevance in our lives. As the time passes, it's possible that the feeling of 'feeling enough' has not changed just because one has achieved the goal. Enough is enough.

Appreciation/Gratefulness as a Core Value

Embodying gratefulness & appreciate shifts expectation.

When we are expecting something it produces a sense of lack, not having, and we become disappointed when things do not come to be the way we think it should be. When we won't receive what we think we deserve, or when we get a different result from what we expect, it causes frustration and anger.

If we can only be grateful when things work a certain way, we are not going to be grateful for basically anything. When things just come up the way we manipulated to be so, the joy is short lived, because it is irrelevant if we are not grateful enough to be surprised by the divine order.

Expecting people to be a certain way, even ourselves, causes us to miss the opportunity of being appreciative. There is an old Native American saying “If you think you know someone you just killed them”.

Being grateful & to pay attention to the littlest things and understand the uniqueness of that gift.

Being Spiritual as a Core Value

It is the unique gift of creating and perceiving magic, moment by moment.

It requires a daily practice, as we grow the muscle of wisdom that one must develop with time. Spirituality can be practiced during a walk in nature, during meditation, during garden work, it can even be practiced during housekeeping when we are perceptive of the sacred time with the divine. Spirituality can be experienced during ceremonies, eating with our family and loved ones during breaking bread or mitzvah, it is ceremonial and spiritual. One wants to feel and realize its value!  

Once, I was asked by a powerful Paqo from the Peruvian mountains to place my

forehead in a gigantic tree trunk. I was immediately taken into a journey, which seemed to have lasted hours but the actual time was about 10 minutes. It took me all day to actually come back into a normal state in which I could drive back home. I was in a total trance for hours and I felt so much joy and love in my heart, I felt the direct transmission of energy from that tree. I was static.

Generosity as a Core Value

My way of giving away money and giving away things is something I inherited from my mother. Although, my mother's core belief was to give with the expectation to receive some type of pay back.

From my own experience, the people that I know that are the happiest, are the givers. They don't live in scarcity. I don't live in scarcity, no way. Financial pressure is a real thing for most of us and global financial pressure has always been present in everyone’s life one way or another. I know from my own experience that financial pressure does not go away even if you have money coming.

If we can't share and feel the need to hold or hoard from others, scarcity becomes even more present in our lives; nonetheless we block the possibility of being enough, having enough, and feeling enough.

I love to just totally surprise someone.

I love to give something to them that they were not expecting, not even in their wildest dreams, and, it brings me joy. I don't get that much of a joy if I buy something for myself, but I get so much joy surprising someone else.

Authenticity as a Core Value

I do what I feel is right to do. I am the way I feel right to be. My desire to serve is the driver

of my authenticity. I can serve coming and being 100% present in my authenticity, show up as I

am, giving the gift of me. My authenticity mantra is “Use me goddess/God, thy will be done

through me”.

When I am embodying my authenticity, I can extend the gift to other people lives.

The magical moments are to be shared, felt and experienced through my authenticity. Being authentic frees me from the wait of trying to be perfect so I can achieve something. It

frees me from having to change something so I can feel whole. I can just show up and here I am as is...naked and raw.

My mother expected me to be a lawyer, she used to tell me that I was constantly arguing and had so many questions, was curious about things that children should not be concerned about. It is funny because most of my life, I ran away from confrontation and conflict although I had my own internal conflict.

Today I am so grateful for my past conflicts, as I find it to be the conduit of my authentic self.

I decided that I was not going to settle for that dream which was not mine, and I became so angry at the educational system that I experienced at that time, and I lived parts of my life angry at my mother. I felt that the education I was receiving was not stimulating my creative self, my authentic self.

At a very young age I decided I didn't want to live with my parents and I decided to do what I always wanted regardless of the consequences. Little did I know, the universe was already conspiring with my wildest dream, because I made the decision to embody my most important core value, authenticity. Do what felt right for me to do and be what I felt to be right to be.

I can't imagine what would my life look like if I had decided to follow through with my mom's expectations and dreams for me. I knew then that I couldn't change how my mom perceived life, I had to change my life by changing myself and my perception.

I’ve proven that if I wanted my life to change then I was the one that must change. Luck is not sustainable but if we are consistent in showing up authentically then the we step into our own game of life and luck.


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