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fasting as a re-birth

Updated: Mar 9, 2019

I had one single motto that kept me focus into take this journey, If anything, “I will not perish for the lack of acknowledge”.

No matter how much I read about it, learned about it, heard about it, was not enough... I had to experience for myself.

I can attest this experience to be the most important experience I ever had in my life other then my own first birth, fasting was my rebirth.

The connection between fasting and consciousness is what I noticed the most during my fasting...experiencing significant changes to my own personality & a a shift to my own consciousness.

I truly believe it is actually the single most potentially powerful aspect of fasting, which is huge!

Additionally, by fasting, I was able to reverse most, if not all, of my ailments which is pretty significant and empowering. I firmly believe in that and perhaps that’s one of the reasons I chose to take part on this journey with Fasting.

I believe we are spiritual beings having a physical experience, therefore, we are not our physical bodies and we are much more then that.

Who we are doesn’t die, this is just a form we are in this journey.

My mental state of being became so clear... there were days I really felt like a kid, very adventurous, curious, observant as if I’ve never seen everything before.

Not eating food has humbled me, it was the most enlightening experience of my life.

During the period of fasting, I couldn’t rely on food when I was bored, I couldn’t run to food when I was feeling down, and I couldn’t replace my pain while indulging chocolate.

I learned to sit with the issues I was dealing with.

I was able to break them apart and look at them with new eyes.

Then, I got exhausted from breaking them out too much as I noticed...

I was thinking too much

I was justifying too much

and, indulging myself with too many things of the past

This was an incredible realization yet, at the same time, empowering to be able to check myself & now be able to shift, re-focus and turn my mind off.

In regards to Food...

I realized I had such a love relationship with food!

I love cooking, I love create delicious and beautiful food, and I used food to create connection with people. What I’ve learned, is that I no longer rely on food for satisfaction, pleasure, or love and affection assurance. I allowed wholeness to arrive.

Today I eat and still enjoy the food I eat, but there is zero attachment. My happiness doesn’t rely on food & I no longer loose or gain power to food. Food has one purpose; to nourish my temple.

In regards to ailments, disease & health challenges...

I learned that diseases are like gifts, that’s how nature decide to love us!

I know this sounds a little crazy, but most of us believe that we are being attacked by some kind of disease. When we realize that we are on this journey of creating wholeness in our being...we are integrating parts of ourselves we neglected, forgot about, or left behind, like traumas, etc.

We are gaining vitality, we are regenerating so Mother Nature and the Divine Source is given us one day at a time to create, generate, which is vital to our well-being and longevity.

Through fasting, I was able to wake up the quality of my intuitive, vibrational powers and intellect. What I noticed is my ability to dropping down into my body, into my heart instead of my head/mind. I was so stuck in my head. And, I am still focused, doing what needs to get done in my daily life.

Although, I noticed the need lessened for all things to be resolved. As now, my first reaction is to stop, breath, and drop into my heart. I consciously start to work on feeling what my heart is telling me & not acting so compulsively, and live with what is in my heart.

When we are neglecting things, and breaking our natural way of being such as...


indulging in scrupulous sex



over-extending ourselves


living a mediocre, loveless, and unhappy life

and we are expecting a different result every time, one day all these mess will catch with us.

We can’t expect poisoning our lives and at the same time, receive vitality and longevity.

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Whatever one ignores to open, develop and evolve within itself will enslave and destroy itself... and whatever one recognizes to open, develop and evolve within itself will transform and liberate itself... Quantum Cocoon Sanctuary

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