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Becoming Self + Soul Nourished...

Updated: Mar 9, 2019

I am embarking on the journey of the soul and begin to live a life of surrender to the Divine. I notice my well-being dramatically improves. I notice that my worries and stresses start to lift.

My soul expands in the presence of the truth as I steer my life toward the Light. The Light wants to direct me towards my soul’s states of being in love, joy, and happiness. To ensure that my soul has its needs met and stays expanded, I want to regularly feed it all of the nourishment it requires.  

  • Is it self-indulgent to care for ourselves when there is so much misery & desperation in the world?

  • Shouldn’t we be directing our attention toward others?

Quite simply, caring for others begins with caring for me.

To express my divine purpose by making my intended contributions to the world, I must nourish my soul. 

Establishing these habits of self-nourishment will be a continual journey of discovery. I include awareness of my soul’s needs every time I have an insight or make a decision. 

I ask myself...

  • Does this support my well-being?

  • Is it in alignment with what I know to be true of the Divine? 

I am learning that building a life of happiness and well-being, life happens brick by brick as I construct my dreams. I find no need to judge my current life or to be overwhelmed by the changes that needs to be taking place.

Everything happens at the right time, when I am ready.

It is imperative to stay attuned to my soul and its needs to learn when it’s time for something new to enter my life or to be changed.  

My body is the vehicle that carries me. It is the space in which the spirit moves and flows freely as it ensures my aliveness. My soul can shine fully through my clear body.

My body requires attention and wants me to feed it authentic foods and beverages. It requires me to move in the sun and be in nature for grounding. My body seeks to be used in creating good in the world and adding to life of others.

When I nourish myself emotionally, I look for experiences and environments that will provide myself with the ways of being that are unique to me. I value curiosity, then I engage in study and research. It’s vital to me to be in the peaceful state that comes from connecting with nature, so I seek to spend time outdoors. Satisfying these needs can be easy and simple if I notice them and give them space to grow in my life.  

My mind will always seek to fulfill its spiritual purpose, which is to discover the truth about the Divine. By feeding it information, cultivating positive thoughts, and challenging its habitual ways of being, I will turn my mind into an asset that will enhance the quality of my life.

Engaging in spiritual inquiry is the best utilization of my brain power.

Inquiry expands my consciousness, bringing my wisdom and understanding. I become able to detach myself from the little things and move my focus to consciously creating a life based on my purpose, dreams, and desires.  

I am building authentic relationships based on love and kindness. My soul’s ways of being as compassionate, lover, trusting, and generous, helps me to build relationships that support myself. When I am expressing these qualities, I am attracting situations and people who do the same, and they will in turn amplify these qualities into me. An aligned soul is by nature, a compassionate soul that desires to act with love and kindness.  

The spiritual being that I am is fulfilling my soul’s need to connect to the truth of all there is.

In a state of attunement, prayer, and surrender, I feed the truth to my soul every waking moment. Finding and connecting to Source becomes a lifelong journey that I am willingly and lovingly choose to take. My daily practices support my spiritual vision and allows a continuation of a journeying in creating a life of goodness and joy.  


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