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Free from the conditioned mind

Updated: Mar 10, 2019

You may ask, what you mean about being free?

I am not a slave. To some, the autopilot answer comes like this: I am a sinner!

What is a sin?

It’s us human always thinking and feeling we are always doing wrong, we are brought into this world acting, thinking, and living as 'wrong doers.'

When we say we are free, we are free from the thinking & the feeling that we are acting and living like wrong doers, and doing will not matter because we can just be and whatever we are is perfect as it is no matter where we go we say: “Here I am that, that I am”.

The truth that makes us free is the truth of who we are, the stillness!

Faith and trust is what keeps us here in this space of stillness of who we are, and it is the saving of the sin! It frees us from delusion and from ourselves, it's awakening a shift in consciousness.

When I am called to teach and the presence is arising on me I can’t not teach, I begin to practice the lessons that bring me to the present. I am looking at the world as if I am being born into it, but I do have the knowing because of all the things I’ve being doing in it so I know from this perception to be real and unreal.

Am I free of the conditioned mind?

I am being called to minister, and I am feeling this call as teacher of God as I experience and live the moment by moment of non-conditioned scripts. This conception of identifying myself as a teacher is also conditioning, it is once again a danger ground where I dance with my ego through another role. My state of conscious affects the people I am with, my state of conscious affects the place I live, my state of conscious affects everything. Even if I don’t say anything, it is affecting!

The most important part of my life is to embody this consciousness. I don’t need to change my life situation now to be something or to go somewhere, wherever I am, I am already there, present.

I am present with whatever I am doing, giving my full attention doing what I am doing, every little thing I am doing right now. There are no big breaks, it’s just another mind game.

Every moment is still and very simple! No thinking, no talking, otherwise, the mind is creating a big deal about it. Ohh this is huge, this is my big break, ohh this is it!

Staying with the present moment, otherwise we build this big brain made of ideas and it gets even more complicated, and unbearable if it doesn’t fulfill the previous and expected idea.

By being myself, I’ve discovered the power within...even in the littlest moments.

While thinking about a yo-yo movement, as I give the first thrust so the yo-yo slip from my hands, and then it comes back again effortless, and then gets off my hand again without the need to be sent forth, and it starts dancing in the air freely, without a thrust, a grip, a thinking, a controlling, it just merges with the moment, up and down.


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