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You don’t have to find your uniqueness to be at peace.


You have to find your place in and as the wholeness: then you will have found yourself.You have to find yourself not just within, but also as, the indivisibility of wholeness. Indivisibility is a very different word to interconnectedness.


Interconnectedness implies separate things joined up. Indivisibility is something much more than that. It has profound consequences to deeply and regularly encounter the indivisibility of wholeness.


When you experience it very deeply, when that experience becomes your norm, then you start to have a light footprint. No matter how much carbon you’re burning. Not just environmental footprint.

You have a lighter presence altogether.

You don’t need to take so much.

You don’t need to get so much.

You become part of the giving rather than the getting. Without necessarily wanting, needing or trying to do that.


It just happens to you...


You lose your animosity, & your hostility because you’ve lost the underlying fear that comes from feeling alone, cut off, and separated.



I use contemporary healing tools to facilitate clearing and resetting body, mind and soul energy, while restoring health which creates the joyful life where dreams can be manifested. 
All my services can be shared through the internet via Skype.
I recommend 6 sessions to start, because this sessions has the power to create shifts, significant and lasting results in one’s life.
The sessions are usually  60-90 minutes and these healing sessions provide deep personal transformation during a processes relying on inner resources, on the innate instincts of the body to find peace and assurance to maintain wellness.
Energy healing is able to address diverse issues, for example, on going persistent life patterns, which blocks the possibility of creating and maintain vitality and overall happiness. 
 The patterns can manifest physically, emotionally, in relationships discordances, trapped energies. I will assist you in discovering the root cause of the issue. I will be working with you to heal physical and emotional wounds from the root cause. 
It’s a partnership, you will learn tools and modalities which will assist you to heal in a deeper level, consequently, you will have a sense of freedom and spaciousness.  
You and I will be working with powerful techniques and tools that are focused and intuitive. You will discover the connection we all have with the infinite possibilities and the presence of the Universe which is capable of healing creating and weaving a life you always dreamed to live.

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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